How comeback kid Sweden got the last laugh on Coronavirus: Infections and deaths fall to record lows and economy improves as Britain removes the country that shunned lock-down from the quarantine list

  • Sweden’s infection rate, once the highest in Europe, is now lower than in UK, Spain, France, Italy or Denmark
  • Curve was flattened without a lockdown as government trusted Swedes to take necessary hygiene measures 
  • Falling cases and deaths have led Britain to regard the country as safe and remove it from quarantine list
  • Swedish economy has seen a far milder downturn than in much of Europe as shops and restaurants stayed open

    by Tim Stickings
    Sept. 13, 2020

While coronavirus cases rebound across Europe, Sweden is enjoying record low numbers of infections and deaths despite months of skepticism about its lockdown-free strategy.

Sweden’s infection rate — once the highest in Europe — is now lower than in Britain, Spain, France or Italy, as well as Norway and Denmark where leaders have long been alarmed by their neighbor’s high death rate.

Sweden last week carried out a record number of tests but only 1.2 per cent of them came back positive, the lowest level since the start of the pandemic.